The History of DonPaul Publishing, LLC

In tribute to Eugene (Chico) Waters

DonPaul Publishing LLC, was established in 1989, as a Music Publishing Company, by Eugene (Chico) Waters and Jennifer (Jenna) McCowan to promote our artistic talents while helping to support and publish other artists.

About the Publishing Team

Chico, a songwriter, poet and singer/performer began writing at a young age and continued through the years. He teamed up with musician Chris Hills in the early 80’s and released two albums: “Coming out of the Ghetto” and “Madd Cliff”. He wrote many songs and worked tirelessly on publishing his work.

Jennifer, also a songwriter, poet and singer, always enjoyed music and performed with a local group called “The Delicate Arrangement” in Boston, back in the 70’s while continuing to write songs and poetry. In 1989, she received an opportunity to submit a song called “What do you want from me” to Rainbow Records and it was later recorded in 1990 by a local Portland Oregon A Cappella group called the Street Corner Singers.

How we began

In 1988, Chico and Jennifer put their heads together and decided to establish a music publishing company after working extensively with local artists “The Street Corner Singers” for about 6 months. The Street Corner Singers – a local A Cappella group known throughout the Northwest for their melodic harmonies were best known for their voices as the ever popular “California Raisins” in the 1987 Will Vinton Claymation Christmas Special.

The DonPaul Publishing team and association with Henry Stevenson wrote, recorded and produced an original song called “Like a Fresh Spring Morning Dew”, which was recorded and released by the Street Corner Singers as a cassette single. (One side was vocal w/music and the other was instrumental and featured another local artist named Jay Collins – a well sought after local saxophone player).

This original song was acknowledged by “Billboard Publishing”, in 1989, for which
DonPaul Music Publishing received a “Certificate of Achievement”.

The DonPaul Publishing Team also managed a local singing group called Full Capacity; writing songs for them to perform. This was short lived, as Chico became very ill and could no longer continue to work, but constantly encouraged Jennifer to keep going. I (Jennifer) continued to write for a while but later decided to channel my energy in writing poetry. Ideas and poems began to flow from my head to the paper and “Framed Poetry” was developed. My excitement grew and there seemed to be a strong interest in my work. I sold many of them in several Oregon shops: (JP’s Framing, Reflections, The Grotto, The Wedding cottage, “It’s All Good” gift shop, The Grace Collection in Vancouver, WA). Family, friends and local bazaars loved the framed poetry and requests began to come in.

During this time (as if I weren’t busy enough writing and publishing, while juggling a family), I decided to write and publish a Bingo Pattern Book called “Creative Bingo”. The book illustrates the many patterns used in playing bingo and also explains how to play. These books sold mainly in Bingo Halls in Portland, the Gambler’s General Store in Las Vegas, Bingo Novelty World in Las Vegas and Northern Lights Bingo Hall in Longview, Washington.

In 1996 I self published my first poetry book entitled “Emotions in Time”. It sells locally wherever my Framed Poetry is sold. It is also available in the Portland Public Library.

On August 2, 1997, Chico Waters passed away. This was devastating to me, but I wanted to keep moving forward as he requested, so I kept the company name going and decided to add something else to the business and focused on the children’s book I had written, many years ago while living in Boston. Things seemed to be going well as I moved back and forth between my Framed Poetry and the children’s book. Then, at a local bazaar in 1999 fate happened. A very nice woman purchased one of my Framed Poetry and asked if I could deliver it to her mother as a gift. I agreed to do so and what a blessing it turned out to be. The unknown woman’s mother turned out to be Nona Pool-Goodrich, an 82 year-old woman with a talent for poetry and an even bigger talent for art. I delivered the Framed Poetry and Nona, being very excited to receive her gift, decided to show me some of her work. It was awesome and at that moment we bonded. I realized what a phenomenal artist I just met and wondered to myself if she would be interested in drawing the illustrations for my children’s book called “Have you Ever” (a series of 6-8 fun children’s books). As I viewed her work I couldn’t contain myself any more so I told her about my book, explained the concept and what I was looking for in terms of artwork and asked if she would be interested in doing the illustrations. Nona was a bit skeptical at first and said she’d never done anything like that before but after I showed her my ideas on paper she became excited and wanted to get started. Having said all that, Nona accepted my offer and she works with great enthusiasm. She has already completed book one and two. And to add even more excitement to this scenario, Nona just turned 90 years young in August of 2007. She has completed illustrations for books three and four and is anticipating working on the illustrations for the upcoming books in this series.


This is my opportunity to thank the following people for helping me realize my potential and dreams:

  • Thank you God for giving me this wonderful talent
  • “The Delicate Arrangement” – Denise Best, Anita McCowan, Debra Cato, Jennifer McCowan and Dorothy White (my first singing group)
  • Chico Waters – my publishing partner ( may he rest in peace)
  • JP’s Framing for giving me my first break
  • O.B. Hill and Gloria McMurtry – Reflections Book Store
  • Barbara Van Dornik – the Wedding Cottage
  • Gayle Causey – It’s All Good Gift Shop
  • Myrna Grace – the Grace Collection
  • Jane Salisbury – Portland Public Library
  • The Street Corner Singers – Anita, Steve, Willie, Sunni, and Richard (an A Cappella Group)
  • My ex-husband Mike for putting up with me in all my endeavors
  • Marlo Waters, founder of Full Capacity ( a singing group)
  • My sister Anita and her husband Steve – who designed the cover of “Emotions In Time” and also designed page 11 in my book “Have You Ever?”
  • Nona Pool-Goodrich, illustrator of books 1 – 4 in the “Have You Ever” series and a great friend
  • My dad Luther Jones and my mom Pauline Jones (may they rest in peace)
  • My children (Tanya McCowan Green, Jerome McCowan and Kedrick McCowan)
  • All of my grandchildren and great grands
  • My sister Esther Gresham (may she rest in peace)
  • Barbara and Cliff Bryant
  • Angie and Paula Scott
  • Loreia Harding – my inspiration
  • Aunt Vi and Uncle Russell Best (may they rest in peace)
  • Dorothy Elobt
  • The Black United Fund of Oregon
  • MESO (Micro Enterprise Services of Oregon)
  • My friends and relatives that believed in me and supported my works
  • I am blessed to know and have worked with each of you!