A Family of Nations

This book is mostly related to families; Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, etc. It’s a lot of what a family is supposed to be like or what we would like in a family. There are even more interesting poems that can be related to experiences, whether mine or someone elses. There is a lot of love, wonder and dedication in these poems.


Love Conquers All

Love Conquers All – This is an inspirational book of poetry. A lot of these poems were inspired by the Holy Spirit ( for those who believe). Some could be prayers with emotional ties. It describes how I see this world through my eyes.


My World

My World – showcases some things that I have experienced through my travels over the years. This book is a reflection of my mindset of what I’ve seen, that has happened in this world. This is my perspective.


The Element of Surprise

The Elements of Surprise – This book contains a variety of poems, from love to some frustrating events with mixed emotions and dreams. Its surprisingly different with some of my life’s experiences, through the years.


A Collection of Poetry (4-book set)

Purchase the entire poetry collection (A 4-book set) at a 10% discount.


Poetry Bookmarks

You can also add a picture of yourself or your loved one and include one of our poems, a prayer, of Psalm or do an Acrostic with your name. Just let us know what you want and we will try our best to accommodate you.